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8 Questions You Should Ask To Find The Best Orlando Luxury Transportation Services

8 Questions You Should Ask To Find The Best Orlando Luxury Transportation Services

When visiting Florida to enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer. With so much to do there’s not one second to waste, which is why you don’t want to get trapped with an unreliable, unsafe or unresponsive transportation company. To prevent this from happening there are certain questions you should ask any transportation service before agreeing to their terms of service. When you hire a Transportation company you trust them with your safety, material possessions and even your family. Don’t risk your safety with unprofessional transportation services. Sort out the weeds by asking these 8 important questions.

1. Are all drivers permitted with the Orlando International Airport and other local Cities or counties?

The last thing you need is a Transportation service that does not understand how the airport pick-up situation operates in Florida. A Transportation service with the proper experience and licensing ensures you get where you need to be on time. Proper licensing gives you priority drop-off, which can make the difference between making your flight and missing it!
All Uber Luxury Transportation drivers are permitted with the Orlando International Airport, Sanford Orlando International Airport and the Canaveral Port Authority. This ensures you are picked up and dropped off at the best possible locations right on time. In fact, even if your flight is early or delayed you don’t have to do one thing; our drivers are tracking you flight minute by minute to insure we are there at the right time to pick you up.

2. Are all drivers licensed and insured?

You don’t want to be driven around by someone who is not properly insured or licensed, as this puts your safety in jeopardy. While most places will say ‘yes’ to this question you may want to do some digging around to make sure. Ask how often drivers are checked for appropriate licensing, after all a license can be suspended overnight.
All of our drivers are licensed and permitted with the Florida Department of Transportation ( DOT), City of Orlando, Orange and Osceola Counties. We are also commercially insured.

3. What vehicle will be picking you up?

Finding a transportation service with the proper sized vehicle to accommodate your group is so important. Reserving the Vehicle you need ahead of time will save you potential hassle down the line. Make sure that the vehicle can accommodate the size of your family and luggage. Asking what vehicle the service plans to pick you up with can address any of these issues ahead of time. Make sure to look up the car, year and model online before agreeing that it will work for you.

4. Where are your main offices located?

When your driver isn’t transporting you around town where will he or she be? Are they far from where you are, or close by? If you are dependent on a ride and a have a last minute change of plans you don’t want to get stuck somewhere for an hour waiting on a ride. A conveniently located transportation service prevents this from happening.
Uber Luxury Transportation is located at the heart of Orlando’s tourism district, meaning we are just a phone call away from picking you up whenever you need a ride.

5. How often are vehicles safety-checked and maintained?

Mileage, service and safety protocols are all things you have the right to question. If a vehicle that appears doubtful in cleanliness or safety arrives to pick you up, you might be better off just waiting for another ride. Cars are only safe when they are properly maintained.
All our vehicles are detailed and assessed for safety every day to ensure comfort and security of all passengers.

6. Do Chauffeurs undergo regular background checks?

Most companies perform driver background checks before hiring a driver, but how carefully are driver records tracked thereafter? A driver’s background may change a few months after being hired. If checks are only run at the time of hiring a lot of things can slip beneath the radar.
All Uber Luxury Transportation chauffeurs are happy to undergo regular background checks through the City of Orlando.

7. Are drivers knowledgeable locals?

If Florida is not your hometown chances are you don’t know where anything is, like the grocery store or best restaurants for kids. Having a local as a driver with this knowledge is extremely beneficial to making the most out of your trip. This also ensures you take the fastest routes, or most scenic if that’s what you prefer.
Uber Luxury Transportation drivers are locals with extensive knowledge of Florida and all that it has to offer. When you book a ride with Uber Luxury Transportation you get a driver as well as local insight that adds to the quality of your trip.

8. Do you have back up drivers?

If something happens to your chauffeur what sorts of policies does a transportation service have in place to ensure you don’t end up stranded in an unfamiliar location? This is an important question to ask because you never known what may happen. A service with back up drivers on call will give you peace of mind and prevent any unwanted dilemmas from arising.
At Uber Luxury Transportation we have several drivers on call 24/7 to insure if any situation arises that we need to replace a driver we can at a moment’s notice.

Bonus. Can you make reservation days ahead?

Booking with Uber Luxury Transportation couldn’t be easier. Reservations can be made online or, if you’re on the go, from your smart phone. Costs of service are always calculated upfront, so you can be sure to avoid any surprises or hidden fees. Just another way that Uber Luxury Transportation can serve your Port Canaveral Transportation needs.
Contact Uber Luxury Transportation 1-877-731-Uber (8237) or local: 407-603-1059